Ilka Brand Lapàporter

My passion for accessory design began while studying fashion design and doing an exchange semester in Milan. In 2006 I finished my studies at fashion design at HTW Berlin and 2 years later, in 2008, I started my own label.

It was my vision to design bags and cases for laptops and phones that have the timeless and elegant feeling of a beautiful leather handbag. My designs are always based on a combination of functionality, a clear fitted silhouette and elegance. The bags work as protection as well as fashionable accessories on their own.

We carry our laptops and phones around everyday, so why not carry them with style?

Leather is for me the most beautiful organic material. When I designed the first Lapaporter collection, there was no doubt that I wanted to work with leather. I love the way it changes as you use it, how it ages with grace. Leather tells a story that no synthetic material can. It tells its own story.

The texture of the leather inspires me, it must always be soft to touch. Whether it is the luxurious feel of lamb leather or the casual touch of suede, this material completes the design and makes it both timeless and durable, enough to last for a lifetime and perhaps even more. All Lapaporter products are carefully designed and handcrafted in our Berlin based studio.

Since 2015, I have been hosting several leather workshops at my studio. I offer two different types of courses, for beginners and advanced. The one for beginners teaches participants the basics of working with leather and gives them the opportunity to make craft their first leather product. The workshop for more advanced participants addresses those who are already acquainted with the sewing machine and have worked a little bit with leather before. You can find more information in the leather courses section.

Working as a designer has always been my wish. The creativity of Berlin and the way the city constantly reinvents itself have always inspired my work and given me enough freedom to do what I love everyday.

I am very happy to receive your feedback and comments. Don’t hesitate to drop a line if you have any question and in the meantime, enjoy browsing through our online web-shop!

Ilka Brand studied fashion design at HTW Berlin. However, she discovered her passion for accessory design during her exchange semester at NABA, Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti in Milan. Later, the designer gained experience in London next to Preen, J. Mskrey and Clemens Ribeiro, as well as in the German fashion industry. She returned to accessory design and started her own label in 2008, Lapaporter.

The first Lapaporter collection was presented by Ilka during Fashion Week in New York. Further presentations followed at Modefabriek in Amsterdam, DMY International Festival Berlin, Blickfang in Wien, Changing Room in Barcelona, Bread and Butter in Berlin. Since 2012, the yearly collections have been showcased at PREMIUM and SEEK in Berlin and Tranoi in Paris.