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With the new iPad Pro 11”, Apple managed to design the perfect portable tablet without compromising when it comes to performance. To help you protect your new high-end tablet against the dangers of everyday life on the go, Lapàporter provides a suitable leather case for iPad Pro 11” handmade as always from beautiful high-quality leather. The iPad Pro 11” is almost as quick as the larger 12.9” model and the reduced size makes it suitable for work or entertainment while moving around.

While working outdoors or travelling, your iPad can easily get damaged by a spilt drink or an accidental drop. If you want to protect your iPad from scratches and other types of damage, the Lapaporter leather cases for iPad Pro 11” are a perfect choice. They have an extra protection layer inside in order to prevent major breakage during impacts. Another important feature when it comes to the safety of our leather iPad cases for iPad Pro 11” is the secured closing mechanism, for which we use in most cases a strong magnet.

Lapàporter has carefully designed the leather case for iPad Pro 11”, adapting to its dimensions, types of equipment and contours in an optimal way. Of course, the functionality of the iPad should not be compromised by its case, therefore the iPad Pro 11” leather case comes with a special pocket where you can easily place your Apple Pencil.

We never compromise when it comes to materials, functionality and precision, which is why our clients have been appreciating the diversity and perfect craftsmanship of our iPad cases made from high-quality leather. We have over the time developed several collections using different types of leathers in various colours, which are now available also as leather cases for iPad Pro 11”. Whether you choose for a more special leather such as Salmon or the classy Braided pattern, you can be sure that your leather case for the new iPad Pro 11” will have a very personal touch as each piece of leather has its own shades and folds.

The iPad Pro 11” leather cases for women clearly differ from the ones designed for men. For example, some of our iPad Pro 11” cases have a coin pocket on the back, closed with a very elegant zipper, as well as several inner compartments where women can organise various small belongings. At the same time, the Sliced collection has been designed especially for men, using simple clean cuts and external pockets, as well as dark colours.

We will choose the best leather piece as soon as you place your order and start working on your future leather iPad case for iPad Pro 11”. No matter what your choice is, we deliver our leather iPad cases free of charge within Germany.

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