Laptop Shopper Horizontal Raw, Black

  • laptop shopper tasche leder schwarz
  • laptop shopper tasche leder schwarz
  • laptop shopper tasche leder schwarz
  • laptop shopper tasche leder schwarz
  • laptop shopper tasche leder schwarz

Laptop Shopper Horizontal Raw, Black

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This spacious and generously sized shopper is made from soft feel durable leather and is suitable for everyday business. The edges are left raw to retain the original state and beauty of the leather. This type of bag is available in both vertical and horizontal format. An elegant black-gold zipper decorates the bag and defines the design’s lines, closing the main compartment of the bag. Here you can place your laptop, together with other documents and narrow folders. Inside the main compartment, you will find a pocket specially designed to fit your iPad. There is also another accessible pocket on the front of the bag, closed with a high-quality golden zipper decorates the practical which outlines the contours of the design. This pocket is an ideal place to store your smartphone or other small precious items. The sturdy handle has the optimum length to carry the bag comfortably over your shoulder, and the detachable should strap is another option for easily wearing the bag. The base is reinforced in order to increase the strength of the bag, enabling more weight to be carried.

The bag fits laptops between 12 and 15 inches. There is enough space if you want to place your laptop with its tight-fitting case.

If the golden zips and fastenings are not to your taste, other colours matching the leather of the bag can be chosen. You can also choose a more simple version, with silver zippers and locks. The strap of the zipper will be then adapted to the leather. Please see photo detail to have a better understanding.

Total height: 29 cm, total width: 39 cm
iPad inner pocket: height: 19 cm , width: 27 cm
Outside pocket: height: 15 cm, width: 27 cm
Shoulder strap: length: 104 cm
Handle: length: 56 cm

soft feel cowhide, colour: black

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