Online course for sewing leather

Since a few months, more precisely, since this terrible pandemic has us in its grip, I had to cancel one leather course after another. I have always been asked when my courses can take place again. Also if there is a possibility to do an online course.

To the question when the courses can take place again, I can give unfortunately still no answer. To be honest, I was quite frustrated about that.

So the thought and the wish for an online course grew in me more and more. Now I can finally say:

Yes, there will be a leather sewing online course!

At the end of July / beginning of August my first online course will be launched. Do you also want to be part of it

I hope that is not too disappointing for you as you are reading this in english, but the course will be in german only for the beginning.

From my studio to yours

I can now see my studio making a shift into your living room and helping you cut your leather precisely, polish your edges beautifully and sew your dream bag.

After my course you can finally get started and make your own products, and what will also be really great, is the leather community we will all bring to life.

So you can be excited!

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