Letherworkshops / DIY Spot on your Event 

We offer workshops in our studio as well as in-house courses at your company’s headquarters or a location of your choice, in or outside Berlin.

At these events, we offer you the opportunity to create a small workshop / DIY stand on site. Here, for example, your customers or business partners can create small leather objects or emboss pre produced ones with their own name or your companys logo. For a sustainability event, we offer special leather, ecologically friendly tanning.

We are happy to transform your wishes and ideas into a creative on-site event. We will provide you with a price quotation according to your wishes.

Just give us a call!

Lederprodukte personalisieren auf Events

Leather workshops for small groups in our studio in Berlin

“Back to craft” and DIY has been a big trend over the past years, inclusively for team-building activities and creative seminars. Since 2015, we regularly offer leather workshops for smaller groups in our studio.

People who work in the creative industries and usually only sit at the computer, are often longing for creating something with their hands. At the same time, a lot of other people like to get inspired by craftsmanship activities in their free time.

In a creative studio atmosphere, your employees or friends and you will explore the world of leather craftsmanship. Smaller snacks and drinks as well as quiet music will contribute to a nice mood.

Regardless of who you come with, we encourage you to be creative and design your own leather accessory! This will bring a lot of joy and will create a small community, as well as stimulate creativity on a professional day! This leather workshop will bring more employee satisfaction in your company.

Workshop Content:

Sewing skills are not required.

We sew by hand, not with the machine. Yes, some accessories can also be made without sewing! During a Christmas party that lasts for approximately three to four hours, a key pendant or card case – very popular with men – will be realised.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the products can be embossed with their own initials or with the company logo.

Lederprodukte personalisieren auf Events

Lederprodukte personalisieren auf Events