General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Delivery, and Payment

1) Scope of Application

For all business transactions between Lapàporter – Ilka Brand and its customers the general terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment set forth herein below shall apply in the version applicable at the time of of the order.

Deviating provisions of the customer are not recognized by Lapàporter – Ilka Brand as a standard matter of business operations, except in cases where Lapàporter – Ilka Brand has expressly consented to their application in writing.


2) Contracting Parties

The buyer enters contract with:

Ilka Brand
Brunnenstrasse 65
13355 Berlin
Fon +49.30. 24537196

Steuernummer: 23/238/00234
Ust-IdNr.: DE259296111



3) Products:

In its Online Shop, Lapàporter – Ilka Brand offers and sells all of its products under the terms and conditions, applicable at the time of the order. Confirmation of all orders will be sent via email at the time of purchase.

Prices of all products are in Euros. All prices are inclusive of value added tax (VAT). Post and packaging charges are not always included, and may be added.


4) Contract:

Contracts for the sale of all products are binding upon acceptance by Lapàporter – Ilka Brand of each order. Lapàporter – Ilka Brand will accept all orders by written confirmation.

If in exceptional circumstances an item is not in stock the customer will be notified via e-mail, fax, or letter. The contract of sale will only be concluded when an order has been accepted by written confirmation.


5) Delivery Times:

For Germany 3-7 work days, express shipping inside Germany possible on request

For EU 7-20 work days

Outside EU : Deliveries can take between 4-8 weeks from shipping date. But in general it is much quicker, it is depending on the post.

Please also note that the product is made especially for you after you have made your order, so the delivery times are slightly longer than you might be used from other stores. You will get an exclusive product that is made with much care and love for you. In general please calculate a longer delivery time for a laptop sleeve than for an iPhone case.


6) Delivery:

All items will be delivered via parcel service selected by Lapàporter – Ilka Brand.

Delivery charges:

Germany: 0.00 Euros

international: 15.00 Euros

Shipping will be free on all orders over 250€.


7) Reservation of Property

All items remain the property of Lapàporter – Ilka Brand until the customer has fully paid all amounts due under the contract.


8) Right to Revocation

All purchases may be revoked by the buyer within two weeks without stating reasons by sending the ordered item, together with a copy of sale invoice and customer bank account details, back to Lapàporter – Ilka Brand to the address below. The two weeks period shall commence no sooner than one day after receipt of the item with an instruction about the buyer’s right to revoke the contract. To comply the buyer must mail written notice of revocation, and the respective ordered items, within two weeks. Please send your revocation notice to:

(Atelier and Shop)
Brunnenstrasse 65
13355 Berlin

If the contract has been revoked, received payments and delivered items must be returned. Please handle received items with care to avoid wear and tear. Lapàporter – Ilka Brand will not accept returned items that have been used or that are otherwise not in proper condition.

The buyer has to bear the costs for returning the ordered items to Lapàporter


9) Warranty / Liability for Defects

If items have visible defects due to faulty material or manufacture (including defects resulting from transportation), please notify Lapàporter – Ilka Brand immediately.

Minor deviances on the surface of an item are characteristic for leather as a natural material, and may not constitute a cause for liability.

Please return items back to Lapàporter – Ilka Brand in a suitable package, including a sturdy outer package.

A warranty period of 24 months from the time of delivery applies. Warranty does not cover regular wear and tear. In the case that the customer modifies the delivered item, all warranties and liabilities are void.

If a delivered item is defective the customer may opt for subsequent fulfilment by way of substitute delivery, or alternatively by way of repair.

If a delivered item is defective, the customer will be entitled to subsequent fulfillment either with

1) a full substitution of the item or 2) complete and perfect repair of the item.

Lapaporter- Ilka Brand reserves the right to refuse full substitution of the item if it can be repaired to perfect condition and will not amount to any significant detriment to the buyer.

In the case of insufficient subsequent fulfillment, the buyer may elect to either return the item for a full refund of the amount paid (not to include shipping fees) or receive a discount towards the amount paid, at the discretion of Lapàporter-Ilka Brand.

For minor breaches of contract, in particular in cases of minor defects of the delivery, the buyer has no right to rescission. In cases of subsequent fulfilment by way of repair the customer is obliged to return all defective items. Repairs to items will only be made upon receipt of the returned item and required documentation. The provisions on the costs for reshipment in case of revocation will apply.


10) Privacy / Data Protection

Lapàporter – Ilka Brand will use data that has been gathered, processed and recorded in the course of registration and use of services by the customer for internal purposes only, and will disclose it to others, only if legally obliged or by official order. All buyer’s information will be kept confidential.


11) Applicable law / Jurisdiction / Final Provisions

Berlin shall be the exclusive venue of jurisdiction for disputes arising from business relations, provided that the customer is a commercial tradesman (Kaufmann) and otherwise no German court is to have jursidiction. Contracts are governed by the law of Germany; The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded as far as legally permissible.

If singular provisions of these terms and conditions are invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining regulations. Invalid clauses shall be replaced by clauses which come closest to the presumed intent of the parties to the contract.


12) Payment

Advance Payment

After the order has been placed and processed, the customer will receive confirmation by email. This confirmation will contain the order number as well as other essential information to this order. Payment must be processed to the account of Lapàporter – Ilka Brand. All bank transfer orders must reference the confirmed Lapàporter order number. As soon the buyer’s payment has credited the account of Lapàporter – Ilka Brand the buyer’s order will be processed, shipped and dispatched in accordance to the timeframe listed above.

Please allow 1-3 days for transfers to be recorded. Please note that the Delivery Times listed in the Online Boutique do not include the time for payment to be transferred. If payment is not received within one week of order placement it will be voided.

Bank details for advance payment are:

Account holder: Lapàporter – Ilka Brand

Bank name: Deutsche Bank

bank code: 10070024

account number: 2431195


IBAN: DE04 100 700 240 2431195 00


Debit+Creditcard via PayPal

PayPal is an Ebay Company that guarantees quick and secure payment. Lapàporter – Ilka Brand uses the services of PayPal. The customer may pay by debit or creditcard.