Welcome, Ramona!

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In January 2017, my new assistant Ramona started working with us. This is now already a few weeks ago and I think it is time to properly introduce her to you.

Ramona is an architect and fulfilled her architecture studies in Bucharest, Romania and Eindhoven, The Netherlands with an exchange year in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She graduated in July 2016 and before coming to Berlin for our exchange, she lived in beautiful Amsterdam for about 3 years. During her studies, she discovered her love for product design, designed Pointer Wine Glass and started her own company. Pointer is a special wine glass for outdoor use. A pointy metal piece replaces the foot and in this way you can pin the glass in the grass, sand or even in the snow, preventing it from tipping over. Use Pointer for your next picnic and nothing can ruin your romantic date.

The cooperation between Ramona and me has emerged as part of the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Exchange”. This is an Erasmus program funded by the EU. It supports young entrepreneurs, who have already become self-employed. They get the opportunity to make an exchange with a company within Europe and acquire knowledge which can help them further develop their own business. Ramona would like to expand her product range in the future and is very interested in leather. During the next months, Ramona will gain an insight into the production of our leather products and will also help with all other tasks of our daily business.

In January, she entered fully motivated and was a great support before Berlin Fashion Week. We produced the samples for our new cross-body iPhone cases for the co-operation with SEEK and PREMIUM EXHIBITIONS (we have already written about it on the blog) as well as for our stand at SEEK. The leather iPhone cases were made in the most current sizes offered by Apple for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7. We also developed the look of the stand and found an elegant solution to display the new cross-body iPhone cases. Ramona also redesigned our catalogue with ease. We had a great start and I look forward to the further months of our cooperation. We already have a new leather iPhone case in mind that we would like to develop as well as matching, leather case for iPad and leather Macbook case.

You can now buy  Ramona’s wine glasses in our studio and shop in Brunnenstrasse 65. Pointer is a great gift for all wine lovers! Spring comes, get the picnic blanket out!


Photo credits: The Fab Squad | Ioana Dodan