Fashion Week Berlin January 2017

iphone hülle leder zum umhängen

We started 2017 with one of our favourite events of the year, Berlin Fashion Week. Lapàporter joined the SEEK exhibition and teamed up with the organising crew of BFW for a different kind of showcase. We displayed our most recent product, the crossbody iPhone cases, a product resulted from a beautiful collaboration with the talented girls from MIJUNE (check our previous blog post for more details about them).

Besides our cosy C-66 corner within SEEK, our new designs were worn by special members of the SEEK and PREMIUM crew, a total of 18 cross-body cases in different styles and colours. Each staff member combined it with their own style and the results were absolutely stunning check them out on our Instagram! We were very happy to see how each of them wore it in a different way and most of all, that the cross-body case looks amazing also as a necklace!

Berlin Fashion Week is always a good opportunity to meet new people in the fashion industry, to better understand the up-coming trends and of course, to make new friends. Our closest neighbours, Josine and Joeri, taught us more about the unisex clothing approach of their Amsterdam based label, YUNIT Studio and we were happy to share the challenges we all face in our day by day designer life.

Another great challenge during that week was to attend this fair together with my little 14-month-old daughter, for the first time. Unfortunately, during this week Dady and best babysitter grandma were not available so I was running back and forth between day care and exhibition. In the afternoon she did spend a couple of hours with us at the fair. Thanks to my assistant all turned out to be totally doable and fun. Baby girl proved to be a real fashion aficionada and tried on many articles to the joy of other exhibitors and visitors.

Many people came by our stand and we would like to thank everybody for their interest in our products! We are now already busy processing all the new orders and we can’t wait to share with you the next journeys of the most practical iPhone cases ever! Thank you, Nina, for helping and for stopping by! Thank you, Ramona, for diving into this new job right before BFW (Ramona is my new assistant, I’ll tell you more about her soon)! Thank you one more time, SEEK and Premium, for the opportunity and looking forward to more collaborations like this one in the future!