Leather courses at Lapàporter, a short retrospective over the last 3 years

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Leather workshops at Lapàporter – a short retrospective and how it all started

I founded my label Lapàporter in 2008. Over the years I had many assistants who supported me in the studio with loads of positive energy. Working with leather is now almost a dying craft in Germany and very few of my apprentices had a basic knowledge on how to work with leather before working with me. Therefore, I have constantly shared my knowledge and introduced those who were interested into the world of leather. Do-it-yourself has become a very popular trend over the last years and so more and more people started asking if I was giving any workshops. This is how I ended up hosting my first leather workshop in my studio in Berlin about two years ago.

Contents of the leather workshops

In time I have developed different types of courses. The beginners’ courses and weekend leather workshops are mainly aimed at participants who have little or no prior knowledge of working with leather. The leather courses provide a basic knowledge of various leather types, leather tools, pattern design, material selection, as well as cutting, edge processing, adhesives and seaming. At the beginner’s workshops, we mainly sew by hand with the traditional two-needle technique. The advanced courses are ideal for participants who already have some experience in the working with leather and the production of accessories. Ideally, the participants have already attended the beginner’s course or the weekend workshop.

The workshops most of the times have a product theme, but I always try to focus on the participants, so that everyone can make the product they desire. For the past three years, the most diverse products have been made at our leather workshops. Not only clutches or small handbags have been created, but also purses for men, card holders, hip bags, chest bags, camera belts and iPhone cases, all made of leather. The workshops are intended to inspire the participants and introduce them to the diverse world of work with leather. After the workshop, all participants have enough basic knowledge to continue developing their own projects with leather.


It is especially exciting for me to get to know so many different people and characters. The different ways of working together with each participant are always interesting: some of them really want to focus on pre-cut patterns, others use their creativity and start with their personal pattern and design. All participants are different and bring their own style in the same room, therefore every time extraordinary objects are being created, from simple and minimal to elaborately decorated.

Student workshops

I previously enjoyed the one-week workshop for the fashion students at the Weissensee Art School. The workshop took place during the project week of the students and they were able to choose in between different courses offered by the university. I taught 12 students divided into two groups of 6 people, in my studio. The students created a fresh atmosphere and their creativity resulted in great products.

The leather courses will continue with the same enthusiasm in  2018 you can find the new dates on our website (just check the menu for Leather Courses).

More and more of the people joining the courses are coming from all over Germany and there are already participants even coming from abroad, especially for the workshop. This is why I will also post very soon on the website a few tips for hotels and nice restaurants, cafes or shops. Berlin is always worth a trip for a weekend or even longer!