Design collaboration with the accessory label MIJUNE

iphone hüllen zum umhängen

We have already shared a lot on both Instagram and Facebook about our new cell phone necklace design collaboration with the Berlin-based accessory label MIJUNE. It is now time to tell you a little bit more about the two talented ladies Rebekka Dornhege Reyes (stage and costume designer) and Nina Thielen (style and design trend researcher) and of course, how it all started!

I met Rebekka a few years ago in my studio via our common friend Daniel. On that day, we had a lot of fun developing for Daniel the first prototype for a male jumpsuit shirt. This product became in the meantime a great success and it is now known as Danvary (check the link if you want to know more about it ). Rebekka quickly won my heart with her positive and energetic attitude. Over the years we kept crossing paths in Berlin and we got to know each other better and better once our two daughters were born. In the meantime, Rebekka founded the accessory label MIJUNE as well as the creative agency VON JUNE together with her soulmate friend Nina Thielen. VON JUNE is today the umbrella under which the two of them combine styling, stage and costume design. Over the time, I also got to know and love Nina. She is nowadays also one of the top stylists of Zalon and some of you might even know her from the Zalon TV spot.

The two are a great team and have a genuine every day happy-go-lucky attitude. I invited the duo to work together on my new project, the crossbody iPhone case collection. Working together was so much fun and we had many inspiring and creative sessions in my studio, when we developed the first prototypes. The design combines the styling know-how of Rebekka and Nina and my years of experience in designing iPhone cases as well as leather accessories for the tech scene.

The final result is a collection of cross-body iPhone cases in 6 different styles, using several colours and materials. The different types also reflect the different identities of our labels. Therefore we have a series in pure leather, and a sporty series named “Sailphone”, and “Sailphone knotted” which combine both leather and sail ropes. The production of the iPhone cases is entirely done in the Lapàporter studio and so I am very happy that the three of us keep on spending more inspiring hours together.

The Crossbody iPhone Cases made of leather are already available in our own online shop and the Sailphones can be purchased from the MIJUNE online shop.

One more time, many thanks to the lovely duo for the great collaboration!