Womens Leather Wallets

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All of Lapàporters products are carefully handcrafted in our Berlin-based studio. Our clients so far have already been appreciating the diversity and perfect craftsmanship of our leather wallets for women made from high-quality leather, which is why we do not compromise when it comes to materials, functionality and precision.
We have over the time developed several collections of leather wallets for women, using different types of leathers, various colours and ingenious cuts. This category features leather purses and cardholders. The design of each leather wallet combines the practical with the elegant, resulting in a useful accessory with a beautiful look.
Our women collection for leather wallets features leather purses in several sizes, designed to fit also your smartphone and daily essentials. Leather Purse, Leather Purse Claire and Leather Purse Claire Grande are the perfect fusion between a braided leather clutch, a smartphone case and a purse, combining the elegant with the practical. Other chic products are the leather pouches, a little leather wallet with a zipper designed to fit also an iPhone 8 or other smartphones of the same size. The leather pouch made from soft cowhide can be used as a wallet or make-up bag. Last but not least, a very chic and simple option for a very small wallet is a salmon leather or braided leather cardholder, available in various colours.
Take a look at our leather wallets collections for women and let yourself be inspired by the different styles we designed. We are sure you will find the perfect leather wallet that suits you best and we will be happy to start working on it as soon as we receive your order. Missing something? We will be happy to make a custom-made product for you.

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