Crossbody iPhone case with leather cord, dark brown

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Finally hands free!

The Crossbody iPhone case makes everything so much easier. When you’re on the road, packed with shopping bags, it is easy to pick up your phone and not miss any calls. If you are working with your hands, this could be the best hands-free solution to have easy access to your phone. Always wonder what to do with your phone on the dance floor? The Crossbody iPhone case will allow you to perform your best dance moves.

It is particularly valuable for moms in the first months, when pushing the stroller around. While the little one is sleeping peacefully, you can finally have a relaxed chat with your best friend. Later on the playground, the camera comes always in hand for your favorite photo.

The phone case comes attached to a beautiful braided cord making it easy to find your phone in every bag. The length is easily adjustable and we can customise your order by adding a simple loop for your headphones. You can also order the Crossbody iPhone case with a leather bag, designed to cover your screen from indiscreet gazes and to fit your basics: headphones, money and lipstick. The Crossbody iPhone case with leather cord comes in 4 different colours: black, grey, ivory and rose.

The case itself is made of transparent TPU. The perfectly formed recesses provide enough room for your camera, charging port, headphone jack and all other functions. It is very resistant to impacts, scratches or cracks and prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt.

The length of the cord is easily adjustable, using 2 knots
Size: 90 – 160 cm

premium cords from cow leather, colour: dark brown

Smartphone Case: transparent TPU case, colour: transparent


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